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J.W. Hufnagle Teases a Painting From His Upcoming Project

Camden NJ native artist, J.W. Hufnagle, gives us a sneak peak at one of the early paintings from his next series titled "WHEN WORDS DON'T WORK". Fueled by the underlying message in Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing",  Hufnagle believes the more things change the more things stay the same. Especially when it comes to race , police brutality, and gentrification. The series will consist of childhood remembrances such as comics, cartoons, and doodles. 

The first illustration, seen above, features a fairly monochrome painting with touches of red featuring "Buggin' Out" from  Academy Award nominated "Do The Right Thing". The painting symbolizes the treacherous normality in some of the issues mainstream media considers  just another "headline" today. To emphasize the context Hufnagle employs socially current nuances (i.e. hands up in the back).

For those who aren't familiar with the culturally significant "Do the right thing", which was filmed in 1989, it focuses on how hot it can really get in the streets of Brooklyn during the summer. The film touches on stereotypes, racism, police brutality, and many other things that are ever-present in today's society. Hufnagles work never fails to deliver a striking message or site a strong reference confronting weakness, fear, insecurity, or all 3. Stay tuned for more from the series. you can view more of his work via his Instagram: @HUFNAGLE.HIGHBORNE