Luxe Luce


Stranded with Lexdray

You ever ask yourself "what 3 things would I take if I ever were stranded on a Desert island?"? My 3 are always sneakers, sneakers and sneakers. I know I'm not the only one who loves their kicks this much. My sneakers are so important, that I end up giving them their own checked bag when I travel. The thing that sucks about using traditional luggage to hold shoes is that they never fit properly and you cant really organize. I'm not talking about having 10 kicks you don't care about just thrown into a carry on, or a bunch of heels squeezed in a duffel. I'm talking bout at least 5 -6 sneakers that you keep in prestine condition at all times, and expect to stay the same when you travel.

I've Collaborated with Lexdray to show you guys the Beijing Duffel and how much of a luxury it can be to have all your favorite sneakers with you no matter where you are. You can easily fit 4 low tops (Yeezys) and 2 boot style/high top sneakers (more Yeezys). Additionally, the bag offers space for your laptop and 2 side pockets to hold all your small accessories. I like to put my mobile photography kit in the side pocket, just incase I want to take some sneaker pics in the airport or something. For this set of content, we ( @godlysinner and I) shot on a patch of sand dunes in Death Valley California. Walking through dunes ain't no joke !